Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beaute Tea

Botanic Herbs Composition

· Balance blood sugar
· Bringing down fever & flush out body toxic
· Remove excess fat
· Aid is the endocrine system
· Improve the immune system
· Keep away from bird flu


· Japanese Honeysuckle
· Glycyrrhiza Uralensis
· Chrysanthemum Indicum
· Mentha Arvensis
· Lobelia Chinensis
· Brunella Vulgarid
· Cassia Acutifolia

Reg. No: MAL 07061436TC

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


EUMORA MIRACLE BAR is a simple bar of soap that can and will do miracles to your skin!!! You have to try it to believe it!!! The secret to this miracle bar of soap is a beautiful marriage between the Deep Moor from Austria and IndinineLuxe.

When added together, these two wonderful ingredients work their magic and does wonders on our skin! In search of beautiful skin, many of us spends thousands of dollars on facials and spa treatments.

But did you know that most high end beauty salons just work on using a secret ingredient- MOOR?

Made of Heilmoor of Austria, this special mud is created over 3000 years and has the essence of over 700 herbs and plants in it. Suitable for all skin types, Eumora is formulated for daily use to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the face for the conditioned look.

"All you have to do is to work the Eumora facial bar into lather, gently massage into the skin, leave it on to permeate your skin for 3 minutes and wash off with water. Admire the effects of Eumora conditioned skin in the mirror, as it continues throughout the day."

EUMORA is also effective as a shampoo and shaving foam.

1)Hma™ (Hydrating microalgae)

A special complex extracted from algae developed in Europe for oral application to the skin to help rejuvenate and moisturizes skins cells. Algae have long been known as a rich, natural source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids which are essential in the production of lipids and glucids to help moisturize and more importantly help provide essential nutrition to promote skin recovery and regeneration. It is the core active ingredient in Eumora Facial Bar.

2)Heilmoor Clay

Heilmoor clay is the official name for the moor substance, a rare form of nutrient-rich peat which was formed during the Ice Age as the result of a geological shift which caused a layer of rich vegetation (including herbs, plants and flowers) to become submerged under up to 60 feet of clay, where it remained, cocooned within the Earth, and now totally protected against pollution.

Free from the decaying effects of oxygen, the plant matter undergoes a 'ripening' process over thousands of years into a rich, black substance in which all of the organic and inorganic substances within the plants are assimilated into the Moor. Under massive pressure, it has been compacted to a quarter of its original volume, resulting in a herbal complex with wonderful therapeutic propeties of maximum concentration and a cream-like consistency. Substantial clinical research has shown that Heilmoor Clay quickly penetrates the skin and creates a holistic therapeutic effect throughout the whole system.

Substances of the Heilmoor Clay have been found to surround the skin cells or penetrate partially between the epidermis cells. A binding process with albumin in the skin takes place, producing an exchange reaction of ions. Harmful positive ions in the skin tissues are exchanged for the rejuvenating negative ions in the Moor. The particles are then captured by the blood vessels into the system to carry out their precious work.

The Moor's benefits also stem from an abundance of essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids, which occur naturally and are not artificially introduced, as in most cosmetics. Research has shown that these substances penetrate easily into the skin an subcutaneous tissues, re-establishing the skin's natural pH balance and increasing the flow of blood to the skin.

This research also showed that the skin is detoxified, purified, toned and revitalized by soluble organic and inorganic active nutrients. The Moor has been clinically tested and found to be naturally hypoallergenic and to be able to harmonize with and benefited ANY skin type, eliminating the need for many different types of creams.


- Firms, lifts & put a shine on your face

- Tightens & closes up your facial pores

- Deep cleansing

- Removes free radicals & toxins from your face, and replenishes it with the right nutrients

- Fast, effective & safe

- Transcends all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin.

- Every wash rejuvenates your face like a 'spa' treatment

- Brings balance to skin

- oily skin becomes less oily and dry skin less dry

- Gives your face a natural, healthy pinkish radiance

- Makes your skin feel baby smooth

- Lightens pigmentation & freckles

- Natural moisturising effect on your face after every wash (due to Hma™)

- Save money on toner, moisturizer, facial & makeup!

- Works equally well as a shampoo as it helps scalp become healthier and helps hair to become soft and shiny

- May also be used as an aftershave for a smoother shave

See RESULTS IN 3 MINUTES and continues to work on your skin throughout the day

Just add clean water to create a thick lather, apply gently onto skin, leave on for 2 minutes or more, rinse off with water. Enjoy the effects of the conditioned skin as it continues throughout the day.

YES, it’s THAT easy!